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Loudoun Women’s Resource Center

The WRC is had a “Cabi” Fashion Show at The Dock this past Monday, April 26th at 6:00 pm.  I cannot believe how much fun we all had modeling all the great clothes from “Cabi”. The event was free to the pubic and all proceeds from the sale  went to such a good cause-
 “Together we’re helping to grow the Loudoun Women’s Resource Center which in turn will be helping to build stronger families and communities in Loudoun County.”
I want to thank all my friends and clients who support our cause.  I also wish to thank my 87 year old mom who I invited to come join us and was later talked into being a model.  I am so very proud to have her walk beside me and supports everything I do.  My husband was the cinematographer, not a professional by any means, but the man who I depend on and is so talented in all that he does.  Thank you, Dan!  Visit me on my Facebook Fan Page and on WRC Fan Page

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Limestone Overlay Restrictions- Affects on Your Property and Home Values!

Limestone Overlay District,  What Does that means to Loudoun Homeowners?


•1.    Expensive geological studies before homeowners can construct barns, swimming pools, and additions on property.

•2.    Limitation on 14,000 acres north of Leesburg imposing restrictive regulations.

•3.    Financial burden on 1,200 to existing property owners

•4.    Restriction of growth and adverse affects of sale of existing and future homes


What is the Limestone Overlay District and who will be affected?  This Map shows you the area most affected by this proposed regulation.

How serious is this? Did you know that not only is Leesburg built on top of limestone, but so is the new high school, Tuscarora High School off of Route 15.

Dulles Area Association of Realtors is calling you to action.  Send this letter, if you live in Loudoun.

From DAAR website:

“On Wednesday, February 17th, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors (LCBOS) will vote on adopting a Limestone Overlay District (LOD) intended to alter the way property owners use their land on over 14,000 areas north and south of Leesburg. The proposed regulations prohibit “land disturbing activities” and require property owners to conduct expensive geological studies before constructing barns, additions, swimming pools or large gardens. DAAR members and citizens are encouraged to participate in the call-to-action on this issue by writing the LCBOS and speaking at the public input session on Tuesday, February 16th, 7:00 pm at the Loudoun County Government Center. For more information and to participate in a the DAAR call-to-action on this issue, visit this site.


What’s at Stake? To address a perceived problem concerning development on limestone geology, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors(LCBOS) is once again considering adoption of a Limestone Overlay District (LOD).  The real intent of the ordinance is to limit development on 14,000 areas north of Leesburg and impose overly restrictive regulations and financial burdens on 1,200 existing property owners. 
In addition to limiting growth in the area, the proposal restricts what homeowners can do with their property, imposes unnecessary financial burdens for basic home improvements and adversely affects the future sale of existing homes.
Specifically, the proposal prohibits land disturbing activities and requires property owners to conduct expensive geological studies before constructing barns, building additions and swimming pools. 
The proposal also requires a warning-style notice on every property’s deed, subdivision and tax record alerting prospective buyers that the house is subject to environmentally sensitive features due to the nature of underlying geology.”

Tanya Spotts     

Director’s and President’s Club  2006-2008
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This is one of the greatest times in history to buy a home…

Good Inventory, and up to $8,000 first-time buyer’s tax incentives.  First-time buyer’s tax incentive questions, email me.

Pitfall #1  Check you Credit Score and make sure all information is correct.  Find out more informationon  how to improve your credit score. Your credit score is one of the most important factors used to decide whether you will qualify for a major loan.  Check your credit for free at all three repositories.

Pitfall #2  Failing to work with an Accredited Buyer’s Agent, a professional Realtor with the designation ABR.  Buyers who are not represented by his/her own agent is like a defendant tries to represent himself in court. Would you ever consider defending yourself on trial?  Home buying is one of the most important financial decisions you ever make.  You need a great team, a great agent, great lender, home inspector, settlement attorney, etc.

Pitfall#3 Choose a the best mortgage which meets your individual financial requirements. Look at interest rates,discount points, and terms.

Pitfall #4  Choose a good lender and get a Pre-approval letter before you begin.                                                        Many folks want to go home shopping the same way they go grocery and clothes shopping.  They start by looking before they know how much they can afford.  It is imperative to get a pre-approval letter, know your limits and begin by looking at home in the correct price range which meet your requirements.  many buyers do not think through the process and begin by either looking at homes which are far beyond what they can  afford; they think that in a Buyer’s Market, they can make a “low-ball” offer and get the seller to agree.  Even in a Buyer’s Market, the seller’s agent will have given the owners a pretty good look at what has recently sold The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is usually the best means to determine Market Value .

Pitfall #5  Check out the Home, ALL aspects of the home.  Remember you are not simply buying a structure, you are buying a neighborhood, school system, and location.  Think about whether or not you enjoy a sun-filled kitchen in the morning, or one that has a view with afternoon sun.  We built our present home to have our Master bedroom in the back, facing trees, not the street.  After all, our teenagers can sleep through anything, we can’t!  Barking dogs, neighborhood lawns, etc all need to be check out.  Take different routes and side streets, and visit on the weekends to see how it looks when everyone is home or on weekdays when the traffic can be intolerable.

Pitfall#6  GET A HOME INSPECTIONand do a final walk-through.  Ask questions and make sure you understand what repairs if necessary are covered in the contract, what items are negotiable.  Are doorbells required to be working, Dampers in fireplaces, missing window screens, fog in double-pained windows- know what is covered as a condition of the contract.

Pitfall#7 Closing Documents. Review the HUD and compare it to your Good Faith Estimate.  You are responsible for placing your name on the dotted line.  Make sure you understand what you are signing.

 Ask questions, get a good buyer’s agent, and prepare yourself with knowledge.  It is a great time to buy.

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