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Loudoun Women’s Resource Center

The WRC is had a “Cabi” Fashion Show at The Dock this past Monday, April 26th at 6:00 pm.  I cannot believe how much fun we all had modeling all the great clothes from “Cabi”. The event was free to the pubic and all proceeds from the sale  went to such a good cause-
 “Together we’re helping to grow the Loudoun Women’s Resource Center which in turn will be helping to build stronger families and communities in Loudoun County.”
I want to thank all my friends and clients who support our cause.  I also wish to thank my 87 year old mom who I invited to come join us and was later talked into being a model.  I am so very proud to have her walk beside me and supports everything I do.  My husband was the cinematographer, not a professional by any means, but the man who I depend on and is so talented in all that he does.  Thank you, Dan!  Visit me on my Facebook Fan Page and on WRC Fan Page

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